About Pangolin:
The Pangolin material

Pangolin - A unique pattern that when cut into a material gives it unique fabric like properties and a wide range of applications.
Pangolin3d - Is a unique incision technology that gives 3-dimensions of flexibility to traditional 2-dimensional sheet materials.
Utilising existing manufacturing techniques in a novel way.
Pangolin3d’s unique aesthetic and functional properties make it an inexpensive solution for a range of industries from architecture to construction and interior design.

Material Examples

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Lighting and Furniture

From furniture, to architectural and construction solutions, Pangolin is a unique material that brings production costs down while opening up new design and manufacturing possibilities.
Pangolin pendant lighting scheme
Pangolin foyer lighting scheme
Pangolin pendant lighting scheme

Plant Panels


Designed to fit any surface, the Pangolin plant panel can be rapidly customized to provide greenery to even the most complex wall surfaces.

The Plant Panels hold a large growing medium allowing for a large variety of plants to grow in a natural way, encouraging the local ecosystem to thrive.

Pangolin pendant lighting scheme
Pangolin pendant lighting scheme

How it works

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Plant Panel is also available for the home, saving space and creating a novel herb garden for the kitchen, or just as a decorative feature.

Pangolin home planting scheme indoors


The Pangolin texture material has great potential. Another use could be in health care, where Pangolin Technology could open up many opportunities. It's versatility is its strength. It's flexible and porous nature could aid in healing damaged limbs, offering a more natural and healthy alternative to traditional supportive methods.
Pangolin limb cast

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Pangolin lighting